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  • Does This Replace the Ultrasounds my Doctor Orders?
    Absolutely NOT! The ultrasounds performed by your doctor will be diagnostic, meaning they will evaluate the development and well-being of baby. At Wonder Baby, our ultrasounds are meant to help you and your loved ones bond with baby. However, as we are trained in diagnostic ultrasounds, we will reach out to your Obstetrics provider if we see the need.
  • When is the best time to do a 3D/4D Ultrasound?
    27-33 weeks is the best time for 3D/4D imaging. Any earlier and Baby doesn't have many distinguishable features. Any later and Baby starts to run out of room, and has likely dropped lower into Mother's pelvis. We are always happy to try earlier or later than this range of weeks, every baby is different!
  • What is the Refund Policy?
    We do not have a refund policy, as we will always do our very best in the time allotted to get you wonderful images and memories. We do have a re-scan policy. If baby had a shy day and did not allow us to get images in the time allowed, we will set you up for one complimentary re-scan.
  • Can I Bring Friends and Family?
    The more the merrier! This is a beautiful experience we hope you will share with your loved ones. There is sitting room for 5 guests, and we have extra folding chairs to bring in for any others beyond that. Children are welcome also!
  • Are You Able to Tell Baby's Sex/Gender?
    At 15 weeks of pregnancy and beyond, we can tell baby's sex! If you are planning a reveal, we will seal a picture with the big news in an envelope for you. Need reveal items? We have a variety for sale on site.
  • Do I Need an Appointment?
    Yes, you will need to schedule an appointment so we can ensure that the time and space are dedicated solely to you and your guests.
  • How Can I Prepare for my Ultrasound?
    Hydrate! In the week leading up to your ultrasound be sure to drink plenty of fluids. This can help the amount of amniotic fluid, which in turn, will make for clearer images.
  • What are 2D, 3D, 4D, and HD Ultrasound?
    2D ultrasound is the black and white photos of the baby that you are used to seeing on the ultrasound machine in your doctor's office. 3D ultrasounds are sepia toned 3-dimensional renderings of baby in a still image. This gives a more realistic idea of what baby looks like. 4D ultrasound is the 3D image seen in real time. You will get the very realistic 3D view of baby, all while seeing the movements baby makes. This is how we capture smiles, yawns, thumb sucking and more! HD imaging is a high-definition view of baby including all of the above, with a clearer, more realistic view.
  • Do you sell gift certificates?
    We do! There is a gift certificate available for purchase for our most popular package, the "Wonder Kiddo". This is the 3D/4D/HD package and is best performed around 27-33 weeks into pregnancy. Find it on the Book Now page.
  • Will I Get Beautiful 3D Images?
    We will do our absolute best to get you beautiful images at every visit. Many factors determine the quality of images: baby's position, amniotic fluid, gestational age, and more. We are unable to guarantee full face or full body images of baby. If baby is feeling shy and we are unable to provide you with images, you will receive one complimentary re-scan.
  • Do You Take Insurance?
    The services we provide are considered "elective" and are therefore not covered by insurance.
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