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Snohomish County’s Premier 3D/4D/HD Ultrasound Studio.

We help you bond with your Wonder Baby before their big debut!

Congratulations on your upcoming bundle of joy, we are so honored that you chose us to be part of your journey. 


Elective ultrasound is a wonderful way to see how your baby is growing, hear their heartbeat, and even see their sweet little face in realistic definition. Plus, after your session, you’ll go home with pictures and videos to cherish… and to show off to all your loved ones.

When you’re at Wonder Baby we want you to feel like the center of attention. You should feel comfortable and attended to, all while making one-of-a-kind memories to last a lifetime. That's why our waiting and scan rooms are cozy and calming, and you can always bring as many guests as you'd like to join in on the Joy of seeing Baby.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Gender DNA Test

Now Offering!


Simple Snap device blood DNA test, Clinically Proven to be 99.9% accurate as soon as 6 weeks into pregnancy. Results as soon as next day!

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